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We currently ship everything but milk and eggs.
To place an order please contact us via email or phone. (see the contact information at the bottom of the page)

Our "creamline" milk is raw and not homogenized.  Made the 'old fashioned way' so the cream rises to the top.  The milk is rich, wholesome and delicious.  Free of hormones & pesticides this is the way milk should taste.  We bottle on farm, so every batch is thoughtfully handled from milking to bottling by our owner/farmer Lisa Kaiman.

Our RAW MILK is available on the farm. For more information on the benefits of Raw Milk, visit the
Weston A. Price website or view their Campaign for Real Milk page.
Quark is a delicious, soft and mild fresh cheese made from pasteurized skimmed milk.  It is a super tasty (and healthy) spread for toast or a bagel.  It can be used to make dips and sauces and is incredible in cheesecake and baking.  It even makes a terrific healthy breakfast parfait.  Quark is perfect in mac & cheese or lasagna too!  Use it anywhere you might use ricotta, cream cheese, sour cream or yogurt.  This incredibly versatile cheese is hand made right on the farm in small batches in our processing room and then hand packed.  A true fresh farmstead cheese.  Available in 8 oz or 1 pound containers.
Our veal is raised on pasture drinking mother's milk.  This 'rose' veal is very different than any veal you may have had in the past.  And because it is certified humanely raised, the calves are treated with the utmost care.  Our veal has been featured in New York City at the James Beard House at the "Vermont Veal Renaissance" dinner and is prized by local and New York City chef's.  Our veal is available to chefs in whole or half animals, or to the public in familiar cuts such as cutlets, chops, roasts and ground. If you are a chef and want more information on purchasing direct, visit our chef's page.

We are now making our own PURE VEAL sausage. Perfect on the grill, roasted in the oven or stewed in a sauce.  No additives, fillers or pork fat - just the delicious taste of Jersey Girls Veal blended with fresh herbs and spices.  Try our HOT STUFF flavor featuring jalapenos and cherry peppers, or HEADY TOPPER BEER with a touch of fennel.  Or try ORIGINAL flavor -  a traditional style with whole grain mustard and a bit of nutmeg and our SPRING GARLIC flavor - with fresh garlic, scallions and parsley. Our sausage is available on the farm at our Jersey Girls Farm Store,  select retailers and Farmers Markets.


Eggs have been called 'the perfect food' - and we have to agree!  Our chickens are fed a diversified diet of NON GMO grain, food scraps left over from the market, any whey left over from cheese production. Lucky hens!  Eggs are available by the dozen in the store, and all of the prepared food sold at the store uses our own eggs.  Eggs are available to our restaurant, retail and hotel accounts as well.  Please call the dairy for information on pick up or delivery to your local business.
Every pup deserves the best!!!  Our Liver Treats are made from 100% grass fed beef liver, beef stock and our own eggs.  Doggie Jerky is made of the fresh organ meats dried and packaged right at our store.
Jersey Girls milk is used in a variety of locally made cheeses, besides our own Quark. Woodcock Farm in Weston, VT has developed a wonderful raw milk cheese, and has called it 'Jersey Girl' just for us! The sharp and creamy tomme has a delicious buttery finish; a perfect accompaniment to an afternoon glass of wine!  We are now smoking this cheese over apple wood chips for a fantastic treat

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